Menine´s activities in Febr

February 12  International Dogshow in Fredricia and ch Menine´s Krystal of Illussion got ReservCaCib

February 19 was the Papillon Show in Denmark

ch Menine´s Lady Stardust won clubcac

ch Menine´s Krystal of Illusion won clubcac and BOB and BIS-2

ch Dolce Vita JP Major League won his last clubcac and became clubchampion.  I am superhappy

21 febr I mated my female  SUCH, DKUCH, VDHCH , DECH Menine´s Eureka with DKuch, INtch Toymaker´s You can never tell.   I am so excited about this combination

25 febr. At the puppysghow in Hässleholm was Menine´s Ruby the Rascel BOB and  No Deal´s Never ending story BOS. Both of them were at a show for the first time ansd they behaved well