About us

We love dogs


This is how it started

 When Petra was 9 years old she fell in love with her first Papillon. She was very decisive. This was the kind of dog she wanted to have and she succeeded in convincing her reluctant  parents .So she got her first papillon, a nice little alert and intelligent male called Ludde.At that time we never participated in any shows but gradually Petra  started to be more and more interested.

At one show she met Marie Louise and Gillis from kennel Pepejas and she saw that they had top qualitydogs.Petras love for Papillons has now grown into a lifelong love story. She wanted to reach the same level of quality with her dogs as kennel Pepejas had

Her ambition was to be one fo the top breeders in Scandinavia  some day.

In 1990  Petra  started Kennel Menines and had her first litter with Pepejas New Generation and La Roccas Feeling.This was a beautiful combination and from that litter she got  multichamp Menines Adaniti  and a Phalene Menines Avongara – a World Winner at the Dogshow in Vienna  in 1996.

She was the first but not the last World Winner

MarieLouise and Gillis were fantastic and they taught Petra a lot about showing and breeding etc.

At this time Petra lived with her parents. Even if her mother Sonja was a partner in the kennel
Petra was not allowed to have any more litters until she had a home of her own..

And so it continued

In 1998 she took her next litter and got Menines Basic Instinct – a wonderful female who gave birth to many of our top dogs. We needed a good male and it was natural for Petra to contact Pepejas . We bought Pepejas Master of Magic when he was just one day old .We did not see him live until he

was 8 weeks but when we saw him we just melted.He was adorable. He is now an elegant old gentleman who still wants to show himself and to be the center of the group.

The combination  Pepejas Master of Magic and Menines Basic Instinct was excellent and you can find offspring  from them all over the world.

We continue to develop our kennel and  think it is important that people know that getting a Menines dog is to get a quality dog.

How do we live with our dogs

Petra and Sonja,we live very close to each other in a small village outside Lund. Both of us have  big gardens where the dogs can play and have fun. It is  close to the forest where we take walks and the dogs can run free.

Our dogs are  part of the family and they take part in everything we do.Some dogs prefer to live with Petra and some prefer to live with Sonja and they can choose where they want to live.

Why do we love Papillons


There is a saying that a Papillon has  a huge soul and spirit in a small body and we believe this is true. Papillons are intelligent and smart. They are creative and like to learn things. They are very social and friendly .Once you have met a Papillon you are hooked !!!

 Most probably you who read this have a memory youself of  a meeting with a Papillon and so you know what we are talking about…